How to Fight Off Those Dreams Behind the Wheel

Over on YouTube, there's a video going viral of a little boy driving his Jeep Power Wheels toy car and falling asleep over and over while his bemused uncle captures the whole thing on camera. "Jonah, wake up!" he says, to no avail. While this situation is certainly charming and adorable when a little kid is doing it, the same situation as an adult in a real car is incredibly dangerous. Here are some tips that Towne Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM uses to stay awake on those late night drives.

Drink something slowly, and avoid sugar. Coffee or energy drinks can be good because of the caffeine, but the sugar can lead to a serious crash. Drinking it slowly keeps you aware of something external for your body to do besides drive, for a longer period of time. If you're really desperate, something sour will work even better. Try a sugar-free lemonade or even just sucking on a lemon for the juice.

Keep the temperature down. In the winter, this can be super easy; just rolling the window down and getting a blast of frigid air can be so shocking, it would wake up the dead! In the summer, however, is your own discretion. If you can afford it, crank up the a/c and let the cold wash over you. It might feel good at first but soon the shivers will keep sleep at a safe distance.

Blast terrible music. It doesn't matter what the music is, as long as you think it's the worst garbage in the world, you'll have a terrible time sleeping over all the rage it induces. Like jazz? Britney Spears. Like pop? Slayer. Like metal? John Mayer. Like acoustic guitar? Daft Punk.

Hopefully, one of these will work. If not, there are tons of solutions online. If looking ofr a new vehicle is your problem, then we have a solution for that too! Come visit us at our Hamburg, NY dealership and check out the new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM lineup that's sure to please.

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