The Many Innovations of Chrysler Through History

We here at Towne Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are proud of a lot of things, but the history of our vehicles is a big point of pride. We have so many features, options, and luxuries, we often forget that they didn't always exist! Knowing when a safety feature came about that we take for granted now, for example, can really put things in perspective. So let's take a look back through the years and see what the geniuses at Chrysler have brought us.

Who doesn't love warm spring days? Opening the windows used to only be accomplished by cranking a lever near the bottom of the door around and around, which could potentially be quite dangerous to do while actively driving. Thanks to the power windows feature invented in 1950, we can now enjoy the open air with the push of a button.

So you're taking a long vacation and your foot starts to get tired, holding that same position and same speed the entire time you're on the interstate. How do you alleviate this? Until the invention of cruise control back in 1958, you couldn't. Just another small amenity that helps out in big ways.

Not everyone knows how to drive a manual transmission. The all-wheel drive, automatic transmission seen in vehicles like the Chrysler 300 is a pretty appealing option to those who can't. But, before 1963, that driving combination didn't exist!

These are just a few of the incredible engineering achievements that Chrysler has given us over the years. To see more of the features that have become standard in our modern new Chrysler lineup, come visit us on 5130 Camp Road in Hamburg, NY, 14075. Our auto experts will answer any questions you have and even set you up with a test drive. If something really pops, our financial team can help you secure a loan or Chrysler lease so you can drive home in one today!

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