Why You Should Choose a Ram Dually Truck

Safety and performance are two extremely important aspects of a vehicle when you're looking for a new Ram, especially if your intentions are for towing, hauling, or anything else that only a heavy-duty vehicle can accomplish. So, while you're looking, a questions to ask yourself is: do I need a dually? Well, first you need to know what a dually is and what the benefits are. If you aren't sure, then take a seat and let Towne Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram give you the full rundown.

A dually is, as the same suggests, a truck with dual rear tires. That means two in the front like normal, but four in the back, for two wheels on either side. This offers you a lot of added benefits for your truck. So what are these benefits?

First of all, stability. More wheels means for a wide stance, added traction, and more control. If you're lowing a trailer, for example, a dually gives you better stability, preventing swaying. Corners are easier to take, and there's less stress on each individual tire, resulting is lessened wear and tear.

Safety is also increased, as well. More tires means more braking power so those heavy loads won't overpower you. And, in the case of tire damage, you still have the ability to keep going; one blown out rear tire can limp along while the other three do the work of getting you somewhere safe to change it out.

That certainly isn't every benefit, of course. If you'd like to learn more, then come down to our Hamburg, NY dealership today and we'll give you all the details. If you like the way it sounds, take a look at our selection and we'll find something to suit all your wants and needs.

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